Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ouachita Race Report and Schedule Changes

The road trip this weekend was a blast. We stayed at Three Spirits Canoe something or other. The little A-Frame cabins sat right next to a river and the rushing water lulled me to sleep early. The event went well with awesome promoters and a very challenging course. I however did not bring my A game and blew up the first 40 min. trying to hang with the lead pack. I ended up finishing 83rd with a bike trouble and a sore butt. Finished is the key word, which I am very happy about. On to the schedule changes. I had originally planned on doing a 100 miler next month in TN and a 12 Hr. in June. I have moved up the 12 hour to April 22 and in June I will be doing the National 24 Hour challenge in Grand Rapids MI. Thanks again to Ed Garrison for car pooling this weekend and great job to everyone in Memphis who showed up to the Quachita Challenge. I will try to post a random pic of something but I have been having computer issues that I dont fee like solving.
love dan

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