Friday, February 05, 2010

Who Dunnit?

A crime mystery of Who Dunnit that can only solved by the classic detective work of Sherlock Holms paired with the technological savvy of CSI Miami.

The Culprits

The evidence:

Teeth marks on the nearly unidentifiable remnants of the following:
Xbox Controller (destroyed)

Several Tennis Balls, stuffed animals, books and Dog Toys (destroyed)

One pair of Tifosi Shades (destroyed)

Holly’s prescription eye glasses (destroyed)

Dan’s eye prescription glasses (destroyed)

Pieces of each were found near the scene of the crime, just outside the gate separating the East (Canine Side) and West (Feline Domain) territories of the Frayer/Scott household.

Initial questioning of all three culprits yielded ears flat, tails tucked and sad puppy dog eyes. All tell tale signs of guilt or is it ruthless manipulation by a team working together?

The Hard Cold Facts:

As of Friday evening, detectives were not able to identify the perpetrator of these heinous crimes of senseless disregard.

The only hope for resolution was the discovery of Dan’s blackberry found at approximately 6AM Thursday. The partially mutilated and tortured phone was submitted for DNA testing and tooth mark matching.

Was it , The Good Boy, Cham Cham or The Big B?

Who will testify?

When will the destruction stop?

Will the wrong criminal mind be put behind bars?

Love Dan

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