Friday, July 25, 2008

Over our Heads

One of my original single track buddies and Ft. Collins Colorado transplant Jill was in town this past week and I was able to get some time off work to ride.
She took me on a tour of the newly re-designed Cannonsburg Ski Area in Grand Rapids. I remember this course as being up and down choppy trail. The difficulty of the XC race was determined by the path we took up the ski slope. All that has changed with the most recent updates. There was bench cut trail, tight turns and rapid curling downhills. Bravo and thanks to all the volunteers that made our riding experience possible.

We conservatively pedaled around the skills park, taking pictures and thinking of excuses why our bikes would not be able to handle the jumps. My reasoning was 29er wheels not being designed for obstacles.

I am packed for my first ever swim bike run adventure and I hope it is a positive one. My biggest fear is that I will not enjoy and be forced back to cross country rat in a cage racing. Snooze

Plans are in the works for the 12 Hours of Pando and The Ride Across Michigan. Pando will be done on a 4 person team which I have never done. It takes the pressure off of logistics, training and my body. It also affords me the time to take hundreds of pictures for Autism

love dan

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