Sunday, May 21, 2006

The largest post ever

Holly, Izzy and I went to the Memphis in May Triathlon to get some autographs from all the great athletes on hand. Here are a ton of pics from the race and the past couple weeks. Enjoy

because no one would believe me, that I got a Madone 5.2 which is the best handcrafted race rocket to every grace the road beneath me.

A random pic of Brian at the 4 hours of wet and sucky. He is gearing up for his epic in a month. I will post results and pics when he gets them to me

Everyone should love BMX, even Triathlets.
From this point on I am poking fun at people I do not know, if you get mad, that is ok because these pics are way too funny not to share. In the 30 minutes I spent in the transition area I saw 8 crashes, 4 caused by riders playing with their heart rate monitors, the other 4 from riding on the aero bars right from the get go. I saw 300 half naked men with not enough training, too much sun screen and scary exspensive bikes.

"UPS lost my shorts and my jersey!" Quote from almost naked guy, 5-21-06

Really hairy shoulders guy pushing too tall of a gear.

"I am smiling because all the spectators like my skin suit."

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