Saturday, July 29, 2006

Biking Running and bush whacking?

Kurt Charlie and i will be taking on this adventure at the end of August. "Fall Creek Falls 10-12hr Adventure Race":
I am very excited for a new challenge and my first experience working with a team since...well.....hmmmm....playing doubles Tennis in Highschool. Will it compare? I sure hope so. Here are some sneak peeks at my work in progress. Other events on the back burner include CATS Sprint Tri in Conway AR, a couple 5K runs and an XC race or two. Back to the books
love dan

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John Webber said...

Check this link for a race near me thats supposed to be really fun. I've spectated and shot pics and vid but haven't ridden. I guess I'm more of a roadie.
It's a 12 hour MB race on a closed course near Knoxville/Oak Ridge.

Also, nice kitty pics!
John Webber