Sunday, July 16, 2006

Grad School, Road Racing and brushing my Dog's teeth

Lots of happenings in my world as of late. I am back at school full time in hot pursuit of my maters and classes are great. I have homework almost every day and exams right around the corner.
As for racing, I have taken a detour away from the Ultra Marathon scene due to time constraints and a lack of drive. I decided last night to do a road race in AR this morning. I went there with 3 goals. #1 Keep my nose clean (no crashes) #2 Get in a hard effort #3 Buy a case of Fat Tire Ale (They do not distribute East of the mighty Mississippi. I lined up with a Cat 4/5 field of 30ish riders and we had a neutral start. I took some pulls on the 1st of 3 9 mile laps. The course was windy and hilly and very fast. Lap two I decided to try a flyer but didn't have the legs and was quickly sucked up then spit back out off the back. I was feeling pretty ignorant for making such a rookie mistake but as I was catching back up to the field there was a big crash. Had I not tried the move I could have been tangled up with some road rash right now. At that point the pack had split into 2 even groups. I launched another "fake move" towards the uphill finish and then swung out wide for the field spring to pass me by. Goals 1 and 2 accomplished. As for buying the Fat Tire, Arkansas will not sell anyone beer on a Sunday, even if you live in Memphis and don't celebrate the Sabbath.
I also brushed my dog's teeth and they loved it.

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jill said...

hey, they brew fat tire in fort collins... come visit any time!!