Saturday, October 14, 2006

One eyed one geared flying purple people eater

The 12 hours of stanky Creek was a success. I tried something different, something funky, and something extreme. I rolled up to the starting line with just one speed. I have never tried a solo effort on a single speed before so I was nervous. There were riders from Memphis, KY, and South Carolina. My original intention was to get the hole shot early with a fast run and then motor a quick lap. The gun went off and I was overwhelmed with arms and legs and faster runners than I. I made it on the bike behind most of the team riders and a few solo guys. They were pushing a pace I was not interested in matching so I settled in early, found my rhythm and started setting some goals. They temps were perfect so hydration would not be a problem. This was a solo un-supported effort so i wanted quick transitions and I needed to eat on the bike. Last year I rode 13 laps to a new course record. Being able to match that would be an accomplishment on a single speed so i looked for sub hour laps. I was passed and lapped early by a Wood and Wave rider gunning for my record. He was a cool guy with fresh legs and there was no doubt he would pass it. The day went by fast. I was able to keep hydrated and food down and the legs felt good. Once night rolled around I started to get a bit achey. The knees were hurting, my back was hurting and my neck was stiff. I was able to get through the pain and kept my first 10 laps under an hour with transitions around 15 seconds. As night fell I knew I was too far from winning but had a good chance at a podium spot in the expert class. I hooked up with a Memphis Velo Solo rider and we took our time finishing the race. 12 hours of riding, 13 laps and one sore butt. It was good enough for 3rd place and some grocery money. A special thanks to Tony Griffin, his girlfriend and Steve Kuhar for sharing the Pit area. I am going to spend the next two weeks resting before going back on the road. I have the Womble Classic XC race in Arkansas, the Tennessee State Cyclocross championship and possibly a trail running race. Stay tuned for more race reports
love dan

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