Friday, February 23, 2007

Rusty Groove

Yesterday was the first real trail ride since the 12 Hour in October. I have spent most of my time spinning easy gears on the road. It was also my first day back with gears, 26 inch wheels and a dual suspension bike. Heaven. I was finding the flow of the trail, hooking up well in the corners with my new Santa Cruz Blur XC. The rear travel gave me the extra cushion I had been missing all year. I came cruising through some switchbacks and over a log pile and the next thin I know I am showing my superman style over the Race Face bars. I thought it would be too late to tuck but I brought my arms in, threw down my right shoulder and was able to come out ok. When the dust, leaves and suspension bike settled I was on my back with my crank arm resting on my face. Good thing this bike is sickly light or I would be black and blue. It took me a good 30 minutes to gain my confidence back but I got right back to ripping and training for the 1st big race of the year. In other news midterms are next week, Cateye, Maxxis and Carbboom have signed up as supporters for 2007. Please view their websites, there are links to the right. I need to work on linking photos to websites. I have gear arriving daily and will post reviews soon. VPP=Sweet speedy funky love

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