Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 Posts, I must be on vacation

That is exactly what is going down.
Some quick updates. Cane Creek wheels should arrive the same day as this guy:

Be sure and surf my links, Josh Tarrant has a cool race report from his collegiate adventures and David Spyker is an artist and friend worth checking out.
Shifty eyed sailors sipped bloody marrys and danced to the beatles
and I watched the news without sound,
bombs showering over some country
no one can prounounce on television.
Neon lights shine through the blinds
and over street signs
and a parking lot paralyzed by snow.
In the summer kids rolled dice
and swigged malt liquor there,
they wore homemade tattoos
on their necks
and were from streets much tougher than mine.
Most were fresh out of the clink
with shined shoes
and big league dreams of hot rods,
beautiful women,
pro players and a rocket ship to the moon.
Dan Frayer "To the 11 o'clock News"

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