Sunday, April 22, 2007

Biking Bachelor Book Worm Part 2

Want to live in Bartlett TN? Buy our house. A short 1.5 mile ride from Stanky Creek.

I am finishing up the final two weeks of advanced base. I have been riding every day since the 15th and will not take a day off until the 30th. My rest week will be during finals then I pack up with the kids and come home.

I spent a few hours riding the trails this week on a borrowed:
A special thanks to Jason @ Bikes Plus for letting me wear out his tires and drivetrain.
I know the wheels are big but I needed to give it a chance.

It appears I am the only enduro racer in the US that did not attend the Cohutta 100. I will also be skipping out on Syllamo's Revenge due to travel arrangements. I will be able to fire things back up when I get to MI. May might offer an XC suffer-fest, a six hour and a 24 Hour. I have not done a long event like that in almost two years.

love dan

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Anonymous said...

the words "pack up and come home" bring a smile to my face. can't wait until you are here.

love you, mom