Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ouachita Race Report

I took a road trip this past weekend for race #2 of 3 in the Arkansas Endurance Series. The Ouachita Challenge is an event limited to 200 riders and rides through the Ouachita national forrests in Oden Arkansas. I left Memphis around 2 on saturday and arrived at the Ouachita River Haven Resort to meet several Memphis riders that I would be sharing a cabin with. We had a rock star stop by named Rob Pennell from Badger Cycles. I have his site linked to the right. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to recruit another center of influence into my anti-29er movement. I asked him to stop building big wheel bikes. His response:

On to the bike Race. The terrain has everything you can think of. Creek crossings, rocks as big as cars and decents that wear you down. When I did the event last year I went out too hard at the start so this year I planned on a moderate pace from the gun and a good finish. I was able to slow things down at the start but I picked some bad lines and got a little sketched out in the mountains. There are good days and bad days in bike racing and this one was in the middle. I finished up in 7 hours and made it home in time for dinner with my wife to celebrate her work promotion. Looks like we are coming home to MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next race is the 3rd in the series, Syllamo's Revenge. I leave you with random pics of random things.

love dan


Danielle said...

It was good seeing you again! I'm not going to tell you what the weather is like right now...enjoy your last few weeks of sun and warmth :-)

Jason McDowell said...

Playing with the queen of hearts
Knowin' it ain't really smart
The joker ain't the only fool
Who'll do anything for you
Laying out another lie
Thinkin' 'bout a life of crime
'Cos that's what I'll have to do
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