Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Racer Head Obsessions

My head is a snot factory but I rode anyway. The legs felt smooth considering I have spent the last two days on my death bed.

My thoughts have turned to Syllamo’s Revenge. With my less than stellar performance at Ouachita I need a solid result to stay in the running for the Arkansas Endurance Series. I have once again turned into a racer head. It is difficult to resist the nagging impulse to question riding position, weight of inner tubes and to train with such a structured regiment you forget what it is like to just ride. Before you know it you are eating cottage cheese and whey protein shakes for breakfast to drop weight to carry yourself up the mountains faster. For what? A small trinket, a medal, maybe a T-shirt. Is it worth it? Yes. When no one is home I will wear the medal around my neck, remember the suffering, pain and anxiety leading up to the event and gain great satisfaction knowing I pushed my body up to and through whatever wall or mental block laid in front of me in the form of hills, rocks, single-track or pain.

Love dan

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