Thursday, July 26, 2007

Act 3 of 3- Drafts of the creative flavor

Faded by dashboard lights and covered in Arizona desert dust

a rodent prophet with mile markers bowing in the headlights fading as the sun is rising

chthonic eyed like Vegas skies when we stopped for gas

traveling across the country like all the beats in a Kerouac trance

love dan


Maureen Murphy said...

Beautiful poem. You seem to have a natural ability at creating original imagery and still conveying a message. I am more than amazed that you come up with such startling pieces in a matter of minutes. And yes, the pictures on the right side of my blog were taken by me during my trip to Chicago in January. Glad you enjoyed.

moosta said...

Maureen's right -this is a beautiful poem...about a squirrel. Please, please, please post your bad poetry poem. I was trying to show it to my fiance, but it's not up yet!