Friday, July 20, 2007

Back online in 5, 4, 3, 2

The internet is hooked up at the new house! This means more pictures and I can get back up to speed for my ENG 479 class so here it goes. There will be bike pics between peer reviews to keep everyone happy.
and one pic of a baby with oatmeal all over its face. That is a portrait if I ever saw one. (not my child)

John's Indy Teach Revelations: Best practice to me had only an application in the business world. Working in sales we used it as an overall tactic to keep the customers happy and make money. John's presentation put a different spin on it for me. I now view Best practice as any method or means of providing an effective classroom setting. The outcome would be kids learning to become better writers. It also made me think about different classroom settings and workshop methods. This is a very valuable tool as an educator and should be utilized.

Brian's Indy Teach Review: The journal and writing prompts were fantastic. The process through each one tied in well with the next. Writing from personal experience is very powerful and as the prof stated, writers are not separated from their own lives.


love dan

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Shannon said...


It's great to see you back online. I also love the way your class blogging is intermingled with your other life goal and interests. In some ways, this achieves what we strive to do as good writers, which is reflect our own lives through our writing. Your blog helps us to not only see you as a future teacher of writing, but as a whole, intriguing, well-rounded person overall. I've enjoyed reading your blog so far, and look forward to future posts.