Monday, July 02, 2007

Dear Diary: Deep Thoughts on Stoney Creek

  • New Road Bike Coming Soon, Hints Below

  • Made an offer on a house

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  • Stoney Creek Race Report

  • Serious Scheduling Conflicts with 9 mile, WILD 101 here I come!

It was officially decided Friday night over a Veggie Pizza and Anglers Ale from Arcadia Brew Pub that Holly and I would be making the trip to the East Side the next morning for the Stoney Creek Marathon. This would mean a 6Am wake up call, 2 hour drive and blistering fast XC race start. I was ok with the early alarm and the nice morning drive but the XC start was not of any interest to me.
Mapquest once again proved to be a liar when estimating travel time. I dropped Holly off at a friend’s house and made it to the venue 15 minutes before the start. This was enough time to register, throw a bottle on my bike and line up for the start. I knew then that I would need to let the field take off and chase later. I figured over 60 miles that leg speed would fade in some of my competitors but that just did not happen.
I warmed up for the first lap and brought my cadence and heart rate up for the next five. I thought for sure I would start reeling riders in but it never happened. I rode most of the day by myself through the ten mile course. Approx. 4 miles of nice single-track and 6 miles of fire roads. Suck.
I finished the day with 60 miles, spent legs and 5 and half hours in the saddle. I rode under the finish banner to find an empty parking lot and the promoter picking up trash around the trailhead.
There are good days and there are bad days……..It just depends how you want to look at this one.

Next stop is the Wilderness 101 in PA August 4

Love Dan

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