Monday, July 09, 2007

Tool, Riding and teaching Reluctant Readers

  • Have you bought Tool's new CD? I saw them live at the Van Andel Arena last week and they rocked my socks off. 10,000 days is well worth your $15

  • Back in the saddle. After a week of rest and recovery I am back into training mode. I stayed off the bike to cure a knee ailment and gain some motivation. I suggest it to any cyclist who loses focus on his or her training.

  • The ultimate question for an educator. How do I teach kids who do not want to learn? Linda Christensen tackles this and other tough questions with her book: "Reading, Writing and Rising Up." Some of her suggestions might just work in certain classroom climates. The book was published in 2000 and things have changed significantly. Roles of authority, classroom settings and topics of writing have shifted. Most, if not all of the tactics should be tried but I do not think they all will work.


Super Bon Bon said...

Barry thought he saw you walk by at the Tool Concert. You should of stopped by concession area #3.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I bought their cd and saw them down at Desoto Civic Center. I still want the hunter orange hoodie Maynard was wearing.

You missed the Ironbutt. It was a hoot for 10 hours.
Hope all is well.