Monday, July 30, 2007

Wilderness 101 and Diversity in the classroom

Tuning the bike and packing gear for this weekend's adventure. The wilderness 101 is a point to point 100 mile event with an estimated 10K feet of climbing. A delicate balance of fire roads, single track and pavement. Should be painful and wonderful at the same time. I have not been taking my training as seriously the past month so the goal is to finish and have enough energy to drink a beer before falling over.

I am switching the race schedule around a bit. The original plan was Wild 101, 12 hours of pando then XC mode in preparation for iceman. As of right now I plan to visit PA, then do the 24 hours of drummond island, then XC mode by late September. I have never ridden in the U.P. and look forward to it.

For this weeks class discussion we are contemplating diversity in the classroom. The focus question is whether or not teachers can foster a sense of community among diverse learners. This will be an interesting topic and look forward to discussion. Having been a sub teacher in Memphis and Michigan I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Teachers serve as facilitators for the education experience. This includes quality of learning and quality of environment.

love dan


Maureen Murphy said...

How true that teachers are the facilitators in the classroom. Without the teachers' avid efforts to craft a classroom community, the students will see through the teacher's efforts and come away learning little.

Thank you for your opinion on this matter.

Grade: B (due to the length of one paragraph).

Anonymous said...

So Dan having fun with old pictures eh!! Man that was a fun ride in the mountains.

I love looking at the pics you choose to put up on your blog.