Sunday, August 26, 2007

Updates of importance
6 Hours of Pando:
Didn’t go, decided to save legs for Shenandoah 100 where I will be going head to head with the second greatest American cyclist that never was, Floyd Landis.

Trek World:
A very special thanks to Mike and Steve from Team Active for taking me along for the ride. I drank a lot of spotted cow, rode the new Hi Fi 29er, Hi Fi Carbon, and Top Fuel 69er. There was nothing earth shattering except for the new 1 world, 2 wheels campaign linked to the right. Worth checking out.

Wave runners, Kayaking, 18 holes of golf, food, go carts, beer, epic riding, napping, reading and bon fires. It doesn’t get any better.

Stay tuned for a Shenandoah 100 race report.

Hugs and kisses

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