Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Roller Quick Climber Fever

Is taking the city by storm:

Here is Brent with his Surly 1x1, big hoop little hoop style.

His Review:
Holy hell this setup is unbelieveable. Right off the bat it's felt more comfortable.
It holds its momentum noticeably more at speed without any sluggishness. I feel I can lay it down into corners easier. Even the gear ratio feels better-like I'm not spinning out as much, suffice to say I'm definitely going to build my highwheeler.

Words right from a Prophets mouth. I call it the TRUTH

Surly 1x1 Fork Clearance. That is a Jones XR Fatty Fat Fatty 2.2 that fits better than most mittens.

My project will be begin the middle of next week. i need to unload my old 29er. Any Takers?

Two dogs that love cross training. Every December I pretend to be a runner for a few weeks and they cannot tell the difference. Sub 20 minute 5K or run one minute, walk one minute. They stride with their heads up high.

I am teaching every day this week and then it is Christmas vacation. lots of traveling, eating, painting, not riding and season planning.

love dan

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