Monday, December 10, 2007

So Long Sweet Salsa

The bike choice for 2008 has been made. It will be called Dan's Big Rolling Quick Climbing Fuel.
I love the ride of my 29er and enjoyed riding the Top Fuel 69er on my last trip to Madison WI. All the experts agree that it will be the wave of the future and I am hopping on the wagon.

Brown says he really likes the handling characteristics of mountain bikes with 700C (aka 29in) wheels, as well as the superior ability of the bigger wheels to roll over obstacles. But he prefers 26in wheels for their light weight and quicker acceleration. To get the best of both worlds, then, here's the 69er, with a 26in rear wheel and a 29in up front

We cannot forget about the web surfing experts on the most popular Forum Thread

This will be the base for my project. I will be adding some Sram Pieces, a 29er fork and some carbon bits for bling.

So long sweet salsa,
pictured in front of a top secret trail. You will not be missed as much as my 03 Mustard Yellow Schwinn Homegrown, but close.

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cjs said...


Do not go halfway!

You need the full benefit of the big wheels!

A GF Superfly has your name on it!