Monday, March 10, 2008

A is for Apple, B is for Bontrager

Every year in the Midwest it snows until April. Every year in the Midwest cyclists think March means Spring. We still have one more month of cold freezing hypothermia inducing trail conditions. The glass is either half full or half empty. Ski, shovel, drink your hot chocolate and quit being seasonally depressed.

I am glad I did not make the drive to Hot Springs. I would have been frustrated driving 12 hours to see snow on the ground. A Memphis rider, Cal Hill of Los Locos took the win. He is a cool dude and deserving.

I have started building up the One Trick Pony, Titatinum stallion and workhorse. King Headsets should be here mid week and I need to build up some road wheels. I want something fancy for sex appeal but I also need bomb proof for dirt road rides. I am torn between the new Bontrager Race Lites or some DT Hugi Hubs laced on Velocity Deep V Rims.

Speaking of Keith, he Upgraded his Site.

There is a new organization forming to cut some single track closer to home. The Kalamazoo Trail Movement is just getting started but I expect big things to start happening soon. The next meeting is April 7, 6:30 @ Bells Brewery. If anyone needs a ride let me know.

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