Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 Tri Del Sol

#1 Tri Del Sol

It was another humbling stop for the Traveling Circus this weekend when I jumped head first into a whirlpool of feet, hands and yellow swim caps to start the 2008 Tri Del Sol in Middleville Michigan.

I questioned my decision when I was stuck in the middle of flailing arms and feet with competitors pushing on my feet and tugging on my swim trunks. When I was tired I rolled on my back and did the airplane tree monkey, airplane tree monkey, deep breathes, relax. I did my best with my interpretation of free style swimming along with a modified survival stroke and what many spectators thought was the doggy paddle but was actually a refined swim technique designed to warm you up for the bike ride.

After 25 minutes of fun time in the water I emerged exhausted with foggy swim goggles to awkwardly jog to the transition area with legs and arms that felt like Jell-O. The transition area was a vacant ghost town of abandoned wet suits and swim goggles indicating my swim split was less than splendid.

I sat down and dried my feet, taking my time to suit up for the 18 mile bike ride. Ahhh the bike ride. That familiar piston pumping motion I had grown so accustomed to. My goal was to stay aero for the full 18 miles and turn a tall gear. Once I started rolling I felt at home and wished the ride would last forever. The faster I pedaled the sooner I would have to run/hobble 4.5 miles.

I put Tropical Thunder (Holly’s nickname for my TT Torpedo) in the dawg and the pistons started churning. I passed a handful of riders and enjoyed the straight out and back course. Cornering in the aero position @ high velocities would make my already sweaty palms even sweatier.

I rolled back into the transition area and saw more running shoes than bikes which meant redemption from my water logged excursion. I ditched my rocket, laced up and jobbed on to the 3rd and final obstacle, the 4.5 mile run.

To this point I had only trained up to 3 miles and was anxious to see how my body would fair. I kept my pace consistent, breathing relaxed and wrapped things up in just over 2 hours, good enough for 12th in my age group with the 2nd fastest bike split.

A special thanks to the following:

  • My mom and Dad for making the drive on their 33rd wedding anniversary.
  • My wife for waking up at 5:30 and making me pancakes
  • My teammates Jonah and Matt for assuring me I would not drown
  • Kevin F. and Mike W. for giving me great advice
  • My 2008 Supporters Team Active, Tifosi, Autism and Bontrager Cycling Components


#2 Step Brothers

Funniest Movie of all Time

If you aren’t watching it right now, go get your tickets ASAP. It will change your life forever.

#3 Buddies and Bikes

Ryan Burke talked me into buying my first mtn. bike in 1998. He left the scene but is back. Here he is outfitted with a revived lugged steel gem. He will be trying his hand at the Prairie View Tri in August.

Holly and I are leaving for a vacation this coming weekend and will be returning in one week. Stay tuned for the 12 Hours of Pando Race Report

Love dan


cjs said...

Nice time trial shot on the bike. I like the Sidi Dominators! Mountain bikers not only do it in the woods, but in water and in running shoes! I like how you are changing up in the world of sports. What is next, Ironman!

Rock Out!


kevin_franck said...

Congrats Dan! That was an great job. You got me fired up for the 31st. The Schwinn with a kickstand is coming down soon.