Friday, August 22, 2008

VN: You have been sucking at Blogging lately. How come?

DF: Final Class at WMU, Final week at the shop and 10 days until my next adventure. I have been busy biking, reading, writing and working.

VN: Rumor is you have made some schedule changes for the remainder of the season.

DF: ODRAM is out, Kiss Cross kick off ride is in. I will also be attempting a half marathon and pushing the big gears at Ice Man in November.

VN: Any thoughts on this month’s magazine cover?

DF: There is only one cyclist on earth that makes the cover of Velo News for getting his butt kicked. Show Dave Wiens some love

As promised I am brining you my 12 Hours of Pando race report. It is by far the biggest and best blog post of my life. Enjoy

When approached by Brian “The Captain” Yost to join a 4 man relay team for the 2008 12 Hours of Pando I was stoked. Great trails, great promoter and a greater potential for a good time.

The 4 man squad kept their lap times quick and consistent as we duked it out for 5th place. We knew we needed to keep the laps coming well into the night to secure our spot on the leader board and we did just that.

We went lap for lap with our competitors until mid day when Yost threw down the hammer and turned a sub 25 minute lap, his quickest of the day, pushing a 32 x 17 on his Voodoo Single Speed. That was the icing on the cake as we kept our times steady and the rubber side down.

Once the sun set behind the toboggan hill of Pando Ski Area the big boys came out to play. Dave and Dan C. took their shift after dark and allowed us one last lap close to the midnight cut off. Brian Yost went out into the darkness as our anchor and secured our top five spot.

Brent Walk put on a great event and it reminded me what makes mountain biking fun.

The next morning Holly, Izzy and I went to cheer on the kids at the Fort Custer Time Trial. Bill G., Johny D. and Jeff C. put down some hot laps for podium finishes.

Stay tuned for the Prairie View Triathlon Race Report

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