Sunday, October 19, 2008

I stole the idea for this photo from Twin Six. If all 4 readers of this blog click the link maybe the surplus in web referrals will score me one of their new beanie caps.

This weekend was packed full of 200 multiple choice questions on the Michigan Test of Teacher certification, a Kal Haven hammer fest with the Kalamazoo bicycle Club and some single track tempo riding with Jason I. In the minutes between adventures I tracked out the new Beck cd over and over and over. Are you my little gamma ray? BUY IT!

I will be loading the miles into my legs and nutella and homemade pumpkin bread (thanks Holly) into my stomach in preparation for the most painful bike race in Michigan. Everyone and their mom will be on form because of this awesome weather and it looks to be a suffering and exasperating ride through the scenic hills of Traverse City.

A special thanks to all the bow hunters for not mistaking me for a deer. My buddies and I promise to call it good once you take to the woods with your rifles.

Love dan


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jill said...

i hope the test went well! and i hope you don't have to wait too long for the results...

oh, and have fun at iceman. drink a two hearted in my honor, please.