Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Teaching Internship is Done
Substitute Teaching and paycheck seeking has begun

Two weeks off with nothing to do

Base Training, Weight Lifting, riding in the snow with a select few

Resumes, Blog Hugs, special than
ks and XC skiing
Lake effect snow and my heart rate monitor is all I will be seeing

So a happy holidays to you and yours

now get off the computer and go outdoors

A special thanks to the first supporters of the Traveling Circus for 2009

I am in the late stages of setting goals and planning my season. For lack of anything better to do I will be updating this blog almost daily for the next two weeks.

love dan

1 comment:

the original big ring said...

you and me both brother!

School is done? You shoulda come up here and done your placement with me - would have been an eye opener with the crazys I work with. Could got some decent riding/skiing in too.

Merry Christmas Dan-O