Monday, December 29, 2008


You Are What You Post
Bosses are using Google to peer into places job interviews can't take them

Facebook and Google in Reference Checks

What Employers Use to Research You
By Moshin Manji

Increasingly employers admit to using social networking sites and search engines as tools in conducting reference checks in the employment process. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and search engines like Yahoo and Google have become very popular for employers to search and screen applicants.


More employers are screening potential job candidates by looking at their social networking profiles.

Twenty- two percent of hiring managers said they use social networks to research job candidates, up 11 percent, according to a survey of more than 3,100 employers from Another 9 percent said they don't use social networking sites to screen potential employees, but plan to start.

Among employers who have screened job candidates through social networking profiles, 34 percent said they had found content that caused them to dismiss the candidate from consideration.

Some of the major areas of concern for employers included candidates that posted information about them drinking or using drugs (41%), posting inappropriate photographs (40%) and badmouthing previous employers (29%).

Social networking profiles gave some job seekers an advantage with 24 percent of employers who researched job candidates social networking profiles found the content helped them to decide to hire the candidate.

Top influences on their hiring decision included the candidate's background supported their qualifications for the job (48%), great communication skills (43%), and a good fit for the company's culture (40%).

"Hiring managers are using the Internet to get a more well-rounded view of job candidates in terms of their skills, accomplishments and overall fit within the company," said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at

"As a result, more job seekers are taking action to make their social networking profiles employer-friendly. Sixteen percent of workers who have social networking pages said they modified the content on their profile to convey a more professional image to potential employers."

I threw my hat in the ring for some local teaching jobs and have confidence according to the research that prospective employers will be visiting this site.

What does my blog say about me?

I do foolish things on the weekends:

I can dress up when I have to:

I enjoy photography, creative writing and teaching:

Why I want to Teach:

I want to create high expectations

and have the ability to motivate students to surpass them.

Because science, reform, change and innovation takes heart

Because fostering a tolerant, intelligent and creative society starts in the school system.

The world needs better teachers

with the ability to relate, communicate, facilitate

and care about what happened yesterday,

what is happening today

and what can happen tomorrow

because Someone needs to see potential in everyone


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