Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Edgar

If you are logging on to read the Versluis snow cross race report I did not live up to the hype. I came up with 101 reasons to surf the web, read magazines and go to the gym instead. It was snowing, my feet were cold and I thought no one would be crazy enough to show up. Some were crazy enough to show up. Photos and Highlights

Tomorrow's presidential inauguration will give me an excuse to wear my new socks to work. I will be sporting my new Swiftwick Custom Four Socks. Product reviews coming soon.

Get Some

I was flipping through the new Outside Magazine and found yet another reason to be jealous of Lance Armstrong. I once envied only his super human cycling abilities, fame, philanthropy and good looks. Now I long for stone wash jeans.

On the other pages of the zine I stumbled across promises of a documentary about Shaun Palmer. Remember him?

Happy MLK Day

Happy Birthday Edgar

Thanks Moots

Total time spent on the stationary bike in 2009: 8 Minutes

Love dan

1 comment:

cjs said...

Swiftwick socks rock!

I liked them so much I bought 12 pairs last year!

However, the Obama sock is one I will not wear! You know why!

Chad "Bearded Fool" Schut