Friday, May 08, 2009

2009 Fort Custer Stampede Expert 29 and Under 3rd place

The stars were aligned this past weekend and I was able to score a great result. I owe it to a combination of my wife's pancakes, Zach Tansey's bottle slinging ability, the Jeff Cachero/Jim Leikert pain train and the supporters of the Traveling Circus. (Tifosi, Swiftwick, Gu, Team Active, Holly Scott Racing, White Brothers)

A very special thanks to the 30-39 expert chase group. You guys are probably right. I need to learn how to ride my bike, especially when racing expert. Without your profanity and lack of sportsmanship who knows what kind of rider I may become.



Fort Custer XTERRA is the next adventure on my calendar.

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MIKEWOODS!! said...

Screw those guys, they're just jealous of the beard.