Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to Back in Augusta

My first introduction to multi sport racing was the Memphis in May Triathlon. I was there doing some PR for Bikes Plus and chuckling to myself watching those tri geeks wrestle with their wet scuba suits and swim caps.

Fast forward 4 years and I found myself standing in cold wet sand wrestling into my own aqua man attire.

For the 2009 edition of Midwest Xterra Short Course Cup I planned on reaching the shore after a 500 yard swim within two minutes of the lead group. My dreams were water logged when I rolled on my back for survival stroke before reaching the first buoy. I could blame the freshly thawed Michigan water, sore shoulders or I could look myself in the mirror and admit that I suck at swimming. I was one of the last 10-12 out of the water. 14:25

I hustled through the wiggling embarrassing endeavor of shedding my neoprene casing looking forward to climbing on my trusty weapon of choice. Transition One 1:47

Once atop my full rigid 29er rocket ship I was ready to do some work. I enjoyed the well worn lines created by all the pro racers while pulling back one competitor after another. 44:12

I came into my second transition and the announcer said I was in the top 15. Transition Two: :45

I needed to gain more time on the single-track 5K so I worked with a Team Active team mate to make up some ground. We reeled in 4 runners over the hilly root covered course and had enough legs to kick to the finish line in 25:49 which gave me a 2nd place age group finish.

A very special thanks to the continued support of the traveling circus, especially Team Active for sponsoring this year’s event.




Love dan

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

And a solid result to you as well my friend.

Keep it up.