Thursday, July 02, 2009

Riding Trail and Exaggerating Tales

The traveling circus has taken the past couple of weekends off from racing to re-group, focus on training and enjoy some epic rides.

I am putting a schedule together for the remainder of 09 and it is set through August but gets tricky in Sept. and Oct. There are too many races to choose from. Should I cross, Du or chase points?

Some highlights:
Gu has renewed with the traveling circus
Rick has posted a schedule
Buy some stuff
Need Socks? 15 washes deep (if you do the math, yes, I wear dirty socks often) and they are still steady rocking all night long.

Joel and Tyler with PG-13 hand gestures.
John "The Life Saver" Doyle with PG-13 Hand gesture
Billy G., hand signal rated R
C02 Sucks

love dan

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