Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little of This and a little of that.

I would like to thank Mother Nature for bringing us the spring teaser thaw and uncovering 2.5 months of dog poop.

I ruined a perfectly crappy worn out pair of shoes

while listening to

looking forward to finishing

and thinking about

that I enjoyed while drinking

My wife says this blog is getting lame. I hope cat pictures change her mind.

I am still swimming, jogging and getting that excited dreadful feeling in my legs for the first race of 2010.

I leave you with highlights from the Kalamazoo chili cook off.

love dan

1 comment:

the original big ring said...

your blog is lame? have you seen mine lately!?!

tell your wife to take a look at mine tomorrow - i posted a pic of mrs. pibbs