Saturday, May 01, 2010

I have been spending all my internet time wrestling with the ebay monster. Every spring I promise to quit the auction gambling and every spring my garage fills with gear. Maybe next year will be different. I will have the courage to walk up to that beast of burden, thank it for the money and punch it square in the throat. Speaking of throat punching, I am considering retirement from Mountain Bike Racing to pursue amateur martial arts. Several claim it will help with skills I lack: Discipline, self control and the ability to not get my ass kicked by middle school girls.

At this point in the post you are wondering "where is the god damn race report?" Patience friends, all good things come with time, just like my list of 2010 race results. The running events will have only times, the others with have finishing place. I have been doing more than blogging this year. That is proof.

On Thursday night I hitched a ride with Notified front man Jeff and Trek Co-Op rider Bill G for the Cannonsburg Milk Jug Race. Never heard of it? Me neither but it still kicked ass. I did not have the will or the way right off the start line so I enjoyed the sun, sweat and sweet trails. The list of friends that smashed me include Jeff the wheel master, D2's Eric P., and several Farm Team superstars.

I won some rims, enjoyed some dirty jokes, drank a beer and made it home safe. Time well spent.

Not sure what is next for The Traveling Circus but it will be awesome.

love dan

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cjsbike said...

Mercy is for the weak!

Right on, take a step away from organized racing!

Never abandon the two wheels, just the lycra race boy scene!


Chad "Bike Packing is the S*#t" Schut