Friday, June 18, 2010

Torn Shirt XTERRA Sunday. Long Swim, long Bike, Long Run. Hope to have a top five age group finish in the legs.

New Gunnar, New DecalsSam and his new riding buddy

Not sure how these pieces work but I will find out soon.
Thanks Team Active

Thanks Bontrager

All kinds of cool things have been going down since school got out.
1. One of my old biking buddies and dear friend Jill made the trip from Colorado for the Lumberjack 100. She made some time in her travel schedule to ride with the Circus. Good luck to Jill and every one else at the LJ100.

2. My Custom painted Gunnar Ruffian 29er arrived just in time for free beer Friday at Team Active. I am still waiting on a headset but hope to have it pieced together soon.

On a sad note, John Burke and his cronies at the Mega-Brand Trek have started the slow break up with Gary Fisher. My first mountain bike was a Gary Fisher, Holly's bike is a Gary Fisher and the bike she bought when we met was a Gary Fisher.

I think this is lame.

love dan

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