Sunday, January 05, 2014

My Bike is Fatter than Yours

Michigan has traditions, but none more popular than Beer, Fudge and unique winter recreational activities. Combine all three and you have yourself some quality fun. Michigan’s Fat-Bike fuse was lit while I lived in Arkansas. I followed the spectacle online thinking how silly it was. Heavy bikes, riding in snow, frozen fingers etc. Fast forward two years and I am at the start of Fun Promotion’s first Fat Bike race of the season straddling a 40 pound monster truck mountain bike about to embark on a 2 hour slog through lake effect snow. The Hills were scattered with skiers, snowboarders and XC skiers enjoying Michigan’s traditional winter recreational activities. Everyone one of them gave bewildered sideways glances from their neon colored goggles to my Fat-Tire Brethren. 3,2,1 go and my knobby tires were crunching in unison with 20 other non-traditional winter recreation participants. I wish I could weave a tale of a speedy hole shot followed by heroic suffering. There was no strategic racing maneuvers, perfectly timed attacks or team tactics. It was a bunch of people riding silly bikes in the snow as fast as they could. It snowed. I was cold. I finished 4th. A special thanks to the essential gear that insured my survival: Big Knobby Tires (Team Active) Toasty Winter Cycling Shoes (Team Active) My Beard (A diet rich in bacon and craft beer) Love Dan

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