Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog to another level

Lots of News. First off, I suck at updating my blog. Here is the rest:
Family: Took the tour of Michigan this past week. Holly and I were able to see all the family and it was a great trip. Lots of driving, traffic and surfing radio stations.

Surgery: I am going under the knife tomorrow morning but will be up and around in a couple of days. Dr. ordered 2 weeks off the bike but we will try for a quicker recovery

Racing: I am the only enduro rider in the midsouth that did not get into the Ouachita Challenge. If anyone hears of an open spot drop me a line @ In sponsor news I have a couple interesting and exciting opportunities to ponder. Nothing has been finalized but I will give the word once things become official.
I bought a new mini digital camera and will post training pics in the upcoming weeks. I am going to do a short base build, hit the weight room to build some muscle then log mile after mile after mile. Can I do a 12 hour in March? It sounds crazy but I might just give it a try.

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