Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new look

Rainy soggy base miles are on my mind. Instead of snow we get drizzly crappy rain. I am not complaining. I am whining. Classes start Tuesday and I am excited to use my brain again. Race planning is coming along for 07. I am starting a new training regiment. I bought "Base Building for Cyclists" by Thomas Chapple and learned alot. I am going to have A, B and C priority events throughout the year and some races will be strictly for training. I have my A priority events narrowed down to a few but I am waiting to see how the season pans out before making any promises. I will have a schedule posted soon. I also have the ink drying on a couple exciting things for 07. Tifosi Optics is going to support my endeavors again this year and Cateye will be helping me with lights. Nothing else to report as of yet. I leave you with some pics from rides and random stuff.
with love
dan frayer

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