Sunday, January 21, 2007

On any given sunday

After two weeks of occasional use my $15 dollar digital camera finally broke. I will not be able to bring you pictures of my face and beard until i save up enough cash to buy another one. Instead I bring you pictures of dogs, a burning car and a link to the new "24 Solo trailer." This movie is going to be sweet. The same directors did "Off Road to Athens" which is a great film.
Training is coming along very well. I am two weeks into early base and I have not gone crazy. I am lifting twice a week and riding 5 days. In seasons past I had always ridden 6 days with short rides and this year I am taking 2 days off per week for school and life.
Speaking of school, I have switched my focus to special education and have registered for 12 graduate level credits. I will be busy.
No new sponsor reports as of yet. I have narrowed my bike choice to a select few. I should know more by the end of the week. They are all single pivot suspension design, if that helps. One thing is for certain, I have jumped off the 29er train. They feel sluggish and have way too much hype and heft.

hugs and kisses, on the lips

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