Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brian's Visit, a story in pictures

Brian Yost made the drive from the frigid temps of Michigan's lake shore to ride some singletrack and spend time with Holly and I this weekend. Some brief background: Brian is a good friend of ours and has traveled all over the northern corner of the US handing me bottles, making sure I eat and being a major contributer to my successful bike races. It is his face I would see after 15 hours in the saddle and he would somehow convince me that it is a good idea to go back in the dark woods for another hour. He is also getting married in September. We were able to ride Stanky, Herb Parsons, the Wolf River trail and a small portion of Shelby Farms Tour De Wolf. The weather was chilly for my thinned blood but tropical for Brian. Pictured above is a tiny dog barking at a buffalo.

This is brian in deep thought looking over the wolf river in search of the bobcat. The Wolf River trail rides along the edge of this river for 5ish miles.

Here is the bobcat and David Crosby. We stopped to offer them special thanks for doing a thankless job. Without these guys Memphis trails would not be so darn enjoyable. "Nice chainsaw"

The bobcat showing me his inverted stem, because "29ers are silly and trendy, they effect ride quality and handling because the front end is so high up in the air." I agree and everyone else will soon enough. Even Brian felt bad for selling out on 26 inch wheels. So bad in fact, he ordered a 26 inch wheeled bike yesterday!

The biggest thorn in the history of the world. We encountered this after 1 mile of Tour de Wolf. I reached into my pack to realize both spare tubes had holes in them. This brought our 3 hour ride to a close. Normally I would have been bummed with the luck but we had already ridden all the trails in Memphis, ate pizza, drank cold beer, watched TV and couch surfed like pros. Brian hiked to the road and I rode to the car. We hussled home to meet up with Holly and go to an all you can eat chinese buffet. A perfect ending to a perfect day

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