Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why ride with Cateye Lights?

On my second night lap in Hot Springs I came up behind John Oakes, Memphis Single Speed Phenom and enduro junky. He was fidgeting with his pimp daddy HID light and battery. His light had burned out on a decent leaving him stranded in switchbacks with nothing to guide him but his warped exhausted memory of where the trail ended and trees began. I offered him my Cateye double shot headlamp to get him through the rest of his final lap. I was running a triple shot on my bars that would guide me to the pits just fine. He gladly took the ultra light, reliable LED powered headlamp and rode off.

Earlier this week he called to offer his thanks and a couple cases of beer.

What is the moral of this rambling story?

If you ride cateye lights, people will give you beer.

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