Thursday, April 26, 2007

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I only have one project and three final exams remaining. I have combined them all into a two day time frame so I can pack up and make the drive on Thursday. That will give me a day or two to pre-ride Fort Custer, find a job and settle in to our rental house in Battle Creek. I have updated my links with some cool Michigan racer heads. Check out their blogs for interesting race reports. I am still steady rocking on my training. Today I logged some threshold hours on Singleton parkway. It is a long stretch of road leading out to the Navy Base and it runs along stinky swamps and wide open fields. Motorhead and Tool on the IPOD got me through it. I have more bike shop shenanigans this weekend and study study study, take a break to ride, study study study. See all you Michigander types next weekend.

Special Thanks to the foks at Bike Plus for their support and Josh with Cane Creek.


not this ass

Not this Ass


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