Monday, April 30, 2007

In the News

  • Congrats to Joe Kucharski of Kalamazoo on winning the Trans Iowa Mtn. Bike Race

  • Congrats to former Michigander Mark Heckman on winning the Athens Twilight Crit

  • Congrats to T-Monkey on winning yet another TT

I am packing up the computer tonight so this will be the last post for a few days, or maybe a week but dont think for just one second that I do not miss you. I will return with a Fort Custer XC race report. It has been a long while since racing a cross country event and I look forward to it. It will be good to rub elbows with old teammates, good friends and pretentious butt holes who think a $30 race entry fee is equivalent to an ass hole license.

I hope for a fast start, settle in at suffer mode, turn big gears and finish just as I am getting warmed up. Here is a pic of me racing at the Fort two or three years ago.

I leave you with that and a promise to return to blog world

with love

offline in 5..................4..................3 2


Anonymous said...

It was two years ago. Just before you got the EX's. That I believe is the 8500 that you actually liked riding more than the Top Fuel.

Danielle said...

Dan...were you at Custer? I didn't see you....

We'll call you the next time we go down there. Maybe we can all ride together.