Sunday, June 17, 2007

HE IS ALIVE!!! Pictures before words

New Team

Pit crew arrived by space ship

This guy lapped me after only 50 miles, and made it look too easy

Quick update on life:

  • New sponsor: Team Active in Battle Creek, Link to the right

  • 12 Hours of Boyne 1st place solo 29 and under

  • Dan's used bike garage is open once again

Now for the lumberjack 100 race report:

Race Report: June 16, 2007
Lumberjack 100 = Suffer

The Lumberjack 100 is the 3rd stop on the national ultra endurance series and all the big names were on hand. Harlan Price, Dejay Birtch, Ernesto Marenchin and Chris Eatough all had their eye on the prize and I was in for a humbling day. Right from the start 25 riders jumped at the start and quickly disappeared in a cloud of dust.
The course had a unique layout with an 8 mile inner loop and 17 mile outer loop. The inner loop had flowing singletrack, rolling hills and quick descents. A rider could easily carry their momentum up most of the climbs. The outer loop was another story. It had the grinding climbs, sandy corners and rutted flat stretches of singletrack.
Lap 1 was fast. My preparation leading up to the race paid off. I came into pit row with a group of five in around 2 hours. The spectators were cheering, ringing cowbells and motivating me for a quick pit to get back out on course. I grabbed 2 bottles, inhaled a banana, mounted my steed and took off…………but forgot my pop tarts. I have made this mistake in lap races before. It was a hungry 25 miles and an end to the go fast riding.
Temperatures started rising on the second lap and riders started pulling out of the race. I decided to take a conservative approach to the next 50. I turned 2 2.5 hour laps with short pit stops and good riding.
I felt good heading out for the 4th and final lap, hoping to turn a faster time. The sun had faded and the course was getting rough. The ascents were broken down from hiking riders (myself included) and the singletrack was washing out in the corners. I pushed on thinking about French fries, cold beer and air conditioning I stood up to climb and ******PING******. A snapped chain. I have not had a mechanical like this in 4 years and I had it coming to me. This dilemma brought about a couple questions. #1 How will I fix a chain with diminished hand strength from 95 miles of riding and #2 Why are there so many mosquitoes in Manistee Michigan? I took out my multi tool and went to work. It was fixed and I powered on for another 500 yards before it broke again. I wanted desperately to blame the worst bicycle chain but I knew it was operator error. I got fixed a 2nd time and took it easy for the last few miles.
Ten hours and 17 minutes in the saddle, 100 miles of singletrack and one big plate of stir fry at the finish.
A very special thanks to Tifosi for keeping the dust out of my eyes, to Cateye for the heart rate monitor giving me ridiculously high numbers throughout the day, Maxxis for hooking me up in the corners, my new team active teammates for support, Holly Scott Racing for the financial support, Cane Creek for bomb proof hoops and my good friend Brian for making the drive to hand me bottles.

love dan


Cornbread said...

Doh! Broken chain within 5 miles of the finish? Check that, TWO broken chains! Ouch. Way to gut it out. Great job.

Super Bon Bon said...

Nice job Dan! sweet pics too! Shoot, I should have rode harder - I almost caught ya! :)