Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Traveling Circus has arrived

Short and Sweet:
We are settled in to our rental house in battle creek michigan. The race was so so. I kept some riders in sight for the first two laps and did not have the legs to bring them back. I shut it down on the last lap and cruised into the finish. I enjoyed the day and look forward to taking it on the road next weekend and the weekend after for the first two races in the Michigan Endurance Series. I will be using the 6 hours of Addison Oaks as a training ride to pick up some points and the 24 hours of boyne will serve as a test. I have never had much success there and hope to turn at least 17 laps before death.
  • Grades turned out well, 2 As and 2 Bs
  • I am enrolled into classes at Western Michigan University
  • Holly and I are very excited to be close to friends and family but sad to leave our life in Memphis.
  • Links and sponsors updated

Hope to have pictures soon.

love dan


Jason in Waterloo said...

Glad to have you back in the frozen north, but what the hell are you doing RENTING a home in Michigan? Aren't they giving houses away with fillups at gas stations these days?

Also, you should come visit.

jill said...

what? you moved back to michigan?! where have i been? oh yeah.... colorado.

good luck racing this year! i guess it's back to the sand patches and log piles for you...

Compton Ass Jerry said...

I saw a guy rollerblading today and I immediately thought of the Ohio U coach at Union College years ago. I wonder if he ever told his family he is gay????