Monday, September 10, 2007

A celebration

Bikes, Beers and Burritos

Two guests of honor made their way to the castle this weekend. Brian Yost and Jason Mcodowell's presence made for epic rides, epic food and epic adventures.

Some pics to sum up the debauchery.

I have started my shape shift into an XC racer for Ice Man in November. I may or may not do some tune up short races depending on classes which are currently in full swing. 2 books per week, lecture, papers, and exams.

To keep this short and sweet, here are some other updates

  • National Endurance Series: #25

  • Starting the search for next year's race bike

  • Ebay store is still in full swing

  • The 2nd annual 6 Hours of Herb Parsons Race was held this past weekend in Memphis and was a success. Great job to the new promoters for making a kick ass event even more ass kickin

love dan

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