Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Traveling Circus: Final Enduro Crusade of 07

As the muscle repairing munchkins go to work on my thrashed and bruised body I can honestly say I enjoyed and hope to return to the Shenandoah 100.

I was not saying this at mile 50.
he Shenandoah 100 was the final stop on the National Ultra Endurance Series and held just outside of Harrisonburg Virginia. The starting line was stacked with rock stars ready for war as I lingered in the shadows, hoping just to finish.

Suffering for Single-track was the theme. 14,000 feet of climbing felt like riding a big roller coaster. You start off going up and up and up and just before you crest the top you see stairs going down and think to yourself, “that would be a good option” These mountains had no steps down, just rocks, roots, loose turns and switchbacks that turned me into a sketched out northern boy who was wearing out his brake pads.

I came into this race with good fitness but was due for a crash. I had kept the rubber side down all year and knew something was going to happen. After the 2nd big climb I was descending with confidence and cleared a log pile but was too top heavy. My front wheel grabbed in the loose rocks and sent me flying end over end. I nearly put a second crack in my ass but was able to ride on.

By the time it was all said and done I limped, suffered, smiled and grunted through 100 miles, many mountains, big rocks, 2 bear poop sightings, 2 flat tires, one nasty spill, 12 plus hours in the saddle and surly locals with confederate flags hanging from their campsites and trailers.

I will be back next year.

A very special thanks to my wife for letting me leave town for the weekend, Chris Scott for putting on a sweet event and my 2007 sponsors.
love dan

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Holly Scott Racing
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Hey, didn't really get to say much of a hi at the race. Glad you came out!

Danielle said...

Good job Dan! It's too bad that you didn't stay afterwards...12 kegs tapped and finished!

See ya soon!

Joe said...


Nice job at the race!