Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old News as New News

I am sure you all have seen the pictures of the Trek Dealer show but I will post them for kicks. Nothing new to report besides a review of my oral presentation in Asian Lit, the pile of novels I am reading for Adolescent lit and the application for my student teaching internship that is due in two weeks.

Dope Free?

Friends and Sponsor, Team Active. Check out their site for for changes and info, linked to the right

In riding news I have completed my new machine. No rides on it yet, hopefully this weekend.

Hot Sexxy aluminum and some hotter carbon near the rear

I am building my base back up leading into the final races of the year. Pando, Peak to Peak and Ice Man. As always, my schedule is subject to change but I hope to take it on the road with some good biking buddies to make it more of an adventure and less of a bike race.

love dan

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