Monday, October 01, 2007

2 to go

Oct. 1, 2007

Sunday signified my official return to cross country racing. I have not raced any short course events since June of this year and was looking forward to the hurt. The course circled Pando Ski Area in Rockford Michigan. This was the location of Michigan’s oldest endurance event, the 12 Hours of Pando. I have raced the loop over 100 times and there were no surprises on my pre-ride. 4 miles, a ski hill, some single track and four rocks.

Dan A. and John D. showing that one speed who is boss
I did not let my nerves get the best of me when I lined up with 15 other expert 29 and under riders. I knew of some that would destroy me, some that would ride my wheel and some who were legends. It was going to be a fast day.
The gun went off and the pack climbed the first hill without me. I kept my cadence steady and the back end of the group in sight. Half way through the first lap I reeled in a handful of riders and settled in. The rest unfolded like this…………
Lap 2: Pain
Lap 3: This sucks, and a bee stung me right between my eyes!
Lap 4: Wave to the camera, “Hi Mom”
Lap 5: I wish my chain would break so I can stop this nonsense
Lap 6: Hurt, Hurt, Hurt, Finish
The Crew
Two riders caught me on the last lap as I gradually exploded. The sweat stopped pouring, my legs started feeling like stale pudding and all was blurry. I finished 10th place on the day and was satisfied with the effort. After cheering on the Single Speeders we headed to my mom and dad’s for beer and a BBQ. A great day of racing and hanging out with friends and family.
Love Dan
Team Active
Holly Scott Racing
Cane Creek

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Anonymous said...

let's do that again. i enjoyed seeing everyone again and meeting new people. thankfully, there weren't many leftovers. just a couple of brownies.

i love you, mom