Sunday, October 14, 2007

7 Hours in the Saddle

The Kal Haven adventure was a success. 70 miles in 7 hours and no one died. We saw everything from deer to Bloomingdale locals doing the walk of shame in the woods. We took off around 7 and flew down the first few miles in the dark. The weather was in the low 40s and served as a reminder of what crappy riding weather feels like. I am stocking up on thermals and wool to keep me warm this winter. We reached south haven with no troubles, took a short break and headed back. Mile 40-55 where solid but our energy started fading about 15 miles out outside of Kalamazoo. We stopped at a store for snickers bars and that gave us the pep to wrap it up. It was Jason's longest ride of his life and I am glad I was able to join him.

Next week I am traveling to the north for some Ice Man preparation. The Peak to Peak Mtn. bike race is on crystal mountain and I have never ridden there. Trail reports describe flowing single track, climbs and fast descents. Stay tuned for a full race report has the final enduro race of the season. Chris E. is on his way to an easy win with other big names throwing in the towel. Goal for next year? Probably not

I am also pimping my race resume all over the place for next year. I am not even close to professional but whatever support I can find is helpful.

Enjoy the random pics

love dan

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