Sunday, October 21, 2007

Peak to Suck Race Report

Since this is the second to last race report of 2007 I thought I would extend the experience and describe my week leading up to this event.
My school and work week followed the normal routine. I have been logging a majority of my training miles on the Single Speed to and from school. The weather has been turning and I installed full fenders to keep me moderately dry through class. There is something about walking through the halls surrounded by fashion kings and queens and being dressed in Sidi shoes with a helmet dangling from my messenger bag. I enjoy the funny looks and stares.

Bill G., John D. and I went out for a nice afternoon spin on Wednesday. John D. is winding down his road season so Bill and I proceeded alone to put the screws to one another. Great weather, Great Route, Great ride.

A potential 2008 supporter came into town Thursday night. We enjoyed conversation about the benefits of dual suspension, frosty beer mugs and the internet. After two rounds of $1.50 tall boys we became scholars and philosophers that surpassed the superficial. We pondered the contrast between single track riding and Yoga. We were in agreement that Yoga and trail riding are more enjoyable with a good level of fitness, finesse coordination and control. Where our opinions varied involved being spectators of the acts. The level of skill involved in these creative practices should be appreciated but no one wants to pay money to see a rider rolling around in the dirt or a Yoga instructor in cut offs flopping around the floor being ugly. Make sense? Just ask Keith.

The double D brigade of myself and Dan A. took to the road towards Crystal Mountain on Friday afternoon. It was a rainy windy mess but it started drying out the further north we traveled. The roads were lined with yellow, orange, and red. Fall is a great time to travel and ride. We checked into our room, registered for the race and fueled up for Saturday’s 33 mile race.

We woke up to sunshine, sixty degree temps and a potentially fast course. Things were looking good. I warmed up well, rolled to the starting line and we were off. I rode two laps alone before flatting. This was the fourth or fifth flat this year and calls for a tire switch. I filled it up with my C02 but it did not get enough pressure to ride. A sport rider offered a cartridge that got me up to snuff but then my valve froze, ssssssssssssssssssss,

completely flat. After some hiking and enjoying the colors I came in the top five, out of five.

The drive home was sunny and I spent Sunday with friends at the pumpkin patch. Cake donuts, photography and cider. A good weekend

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who is the cutie with the pumpkins?

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