Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hyperlinks and photo shop

I would like to take this opportunity and pat myself on the back for getting in the groove of blog updating. I don't want this to be a display of boring rambling and pictures of my face while riding in exotic locations. Here is some news, some links and some photo shop experimentation.

Hundies in 2008

Cohutta 100 Tennessee April 19

Mohican MTB 100 Ohio June 7

Lumberjack 100 Michigan June 14

Breckenridge 100 Colorado July 19

Wilderness 101 Pennsylvania July 26

Fool’s Gold 100 Georgia August 16

Shenandoah 100 Virginia August 31

Tahoe-Sierra 100 California September 6

Tentative race schedule or

Rat in a Cage Lap Races in 08

6/12 HOURS of Addison Oaks – May 17th

12 & 24 HOURS of BOYNE - May 24th & 25th

8 HOURS of Cannonsburg – June 21st

6/12 HOURS of Ithaca – July 19th

6/12 HOURS of PANDO - August 16th

6 & 12 HOURS of Drummond Island–Aug 30th

12/24 HOURS of Hanson Hills – Sept. 13th & 14th


Don't forget about the Ouachita Challenge, Registration opens mid December. The Double D Brigade might be making the drive.


In other news I have been riding a great deal, updating the site, hunting for 2008 supporters with lots of potential and ideas.
I stopped into Team Active yesterday to talk about Saturday's Team Party and put my hands on a new Carbon Fiber Cannondale Scalpel. The bike was squishy up front and down the back, easily sub 22 lbs. Scary Light and hopefully Scary Fast.


Leaving for the iceman in one week, hope to have the legs for a top five but also hope to have a good time.

love dan

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